After her mother comes back from an extended hospital stay, a young girl begins to envision an ominous monster lurking in her home.


After a gruesome car accident leaves her mother hospitalized for months, 11-year-old Sasha is ecstatic to finally have her home again. Unfortunately things are not what they once were. Elaine (mother) struggles with recovery as Marcus (father) scrambles to care for both his ailing wife and concerned daughter. As the stress and confusion bury her, Sasha begins to spiral and imagines a grim creature terrorizing her nonstop.


"I have loved horror and the darkness surrounding it since I was very young. Partly because my father let me watch whatever scary, rated-R movie he was watching, partly because my mother was in and out of major surgeries when I was very young. Those surgeries (4 in total) meant the idea of death and the dread that accompanies it was something often on my moldable mind. As a child, that shook me to the core and filled me with a paralyzing fear. Somehow, be it by divine intervention or a happy accident, I rationalized that the only way I could get over such a fear was to explore it and become intimately acquainted with the terrors--as if talking to the monsters under my bed.

This film, in a way, is inspired by that experience, but in a much more potent, dramatic, and horrific way. The only direct parallel to my own life is that the family in my story is mixed race. Although it is not a central point in my film, this aspect is extremely important to me because never once growing up did I see a family that looked like mine portrayed in the media and I still rarely do.” -Sloan Turner (writer/director)